Paxton enhances Paxton Key within Paxton 10

Brighton, UK

Paxton Key works with Paxton10 readers, Paxlock Pro and Entry panels using four simple steps.

The international security technology manufacturer Paxton has updated the Paxton Key app within their award-winning system Paxton10. It now enables smart devices to become contactless access tokens and has new remote site management functionality.

Throughout 2020 there has been an undeniable global change in the way people access work buildings and public spaces. Governments in many countries have social distancing measures in place which are crucial to fight against the spread of the current pandemic. This means that access control and site video management is an area of technology that really can make a difference to public health and the stabilisation of businesses throughout 2021.

Gareth O’Hara, Paxton’s Chief Sales Officer, explains: “We are delighted to be able to offer Paxton10 users the Paxton Key app update. Our Smart Credentials are free with no hidden subscription costs and are sent to your pocket in an instant”.

“The benefits and convenience of contactless access control have been well documented prior to, and even more so during the pandemic. Being able to provide access credentials without having touch points not only offer users convenience, but also ensures they are reducing the risk of infection to themselves and others”.

As society finds ways to work through the new normal, many people have been returning to sites with Paxton solutions, so these ideas and technological innovations have now become a reality.

Paxton Key works with Paxton10 readers, Paxlock Pro and Entry panels using four simple steps:

1) A smartphone, tablet or smartwatch sends an encrypted advert up to a range of 10 metres

2) A Paxton10 reader connects

3) Free Bluetooth credentials are exchanged

4) Access is granted or denied within milliseconds

The app includes an added layer of site security via personal identification and verification. When using the dual authentication process, a Paxton10 system can require a user to present their smart credential and then verify their identity. This works by using the biometric capabilities already available in a user’s device such as fingerprint scanning or facial recognition.

Thomas Faith, the Senior Product Manager for Paxton10 explains: “The new update to Paxton Key is exciting and truly ground-breaking. It utilises the latest smart device technology and provides users with seamless access by using background Bluetooth capabilities. This process enhances security by allowing an individual biometric verification, without storing a user’s personal data.”

Like all Paxton products the emphasis on Paxton Key is simplicity and ease of use. The app has been designed to function in a logical way with a flawless experience. It will continue to run in the background, ready for when the user needs instant access. The update has also been optimised not to reduce a devices battery life.

Alongside the update to the Paxton Key app, Paxton have released an update to their web based Paxton10 software. The update offers a new remote management functionality allowing an installer to re-boot Paxton hardware, as well as delete and reinstate any database stored locally on the hardware, from anywhere, anytime.

The update also introduces new video management features. Privacy Masking allows you to screen areas caught on camera that you do not wish to record. Improved image recording with wide dynamic range control offers more balance between light and dark areas, and you can now manually switch between day and night recording for greater control of infrared light.

The Paxton Key App is available to download on IOS and Android. It is also supported on Apple Watches and devices that run Wear OS by Google.


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