Pandemic places new emphasis on border control

Berlin, Germany

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, Veridos, a world-leading provider of integrated identity solutions, offers solutions that support seamless and contactless automated border control.

In addition to state-of-the-art automated border control solutions such as kiosk and Egate systems, Veridos is taking part in EU-funded research projects to enable the next generation of on-the-fly identity verification, investigating new biometric modalities.

Passport control is one of the most tiresome processes at airports, costing passengers time and testing their patience. For border control officers, checking identity documents involves a great deal of work. And Covid-19 adds additional stress: nobody wants to wait in long queues – especially with small distances between people – to finally present their passport to a border control officer.

This situation is mitigated by the autonomous identity verification solutions already in place, such as kiosks and Egates. With Veridos’ kiosk solution, the passenger can autonomously start the process of retrieving the data stored in the identity document’s chip. While the data is compared to databases, incoming travellers can already answer key questions about their stay. Thus, the actual time at the manual border control station is greatly reduced, and queues can be avoided.

Egates decrease the human interaction even more and make the process very easy for the passenger; the traveller only needs to place her or his passport on the Egate screen. All other steps of the process are completely contactless. After stepping into the Egate, the passenger’s face will be scanned to see if this biometric information matches the image stored in the chip of the electronic document. According to the company, the check only takes about 14 seconds. Veridos has successfully implemented many automated border control solutions, including projects in Bangladesh, Morocco, and Luxembourg.

As a technology leader in identity solutions, Veridos is heading the EU research project ‘D4FLY’ and is working together with its partners on the next generation of border control. The vision is a seamless on-the-fly border control solution that allows for faster identity verification with high accuracy by using multi-biometrics.

"To check passengers efficiently and safely in the future, it is essential to speed up the border control process while at the same time providing high verification accuracy," explains Veridos CEO Andreas Räschmeier. "As a leading expert in identity solutions, Veridos' goal is to develop solutions that allow travel documents and biometric features to be checked without creating queues at checkpoints".


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