Optex and Fibersensys open joint exhibit in Dubai

Dubai, U.A.E

Optex and Fibersensys, both Optex Group companies, are showcasing their latest innovations in advanced perimeter security and asset protection at Intersec in Dubai this week.

Optex will demonstrate live its multi award-winning Redscan Lidar series, including the Redscan Pro Series, which has been selected among the finalists for the Intersec Dubai Awards 2023. The Redscan Pro sensors use time-of-flight to provide highly accurate detection outdoor and indoor up to 100m, without any ‘gaps’ or the detection reliability ‘fading’ with range. The sensors can be mounted horizontally to create virtual ceilings to protect entire roofs and open areas, vertically to create virtual walls to protect perimeters and narrow spaces like outdoor corridors or building facades. They have the ability to create alerts based on specific detection criteria or logic and have a built-in camera for easy installation and post-event alarm verification.

Optex will also showcase live the precision of its Redscan Mini sensors, an ideal solution for building and asset protection. Throughout the show, Optex will be recreating a data centre security scenario and visitors to the stand will be able to test the precision of the sensors first hand. Intersec will also provide the opportunity to introduce Flip X – the company's new range of indoor intrusion detectors that feature an innovative lens that can be ‘flipped’ to provide both narrow and wide detection in a single sensor. The range includes the Grade 2 Flip X Standard sensors, ideal for residential environments, and the Grade 3 Flip X Advanced sensors for high security settings such as banks, high-value retail stores and logistics centres.

Masaya Kida, Managing Director of Optex EMEA, says Intersec provides the ideal opportunity to meet and engage with customers and partners throughout Europe and the Middle East, as well present its latest innovations in security: “Intersec is a key event for us, providing the perfect platform for us to engage with existing and prospective customers and partners. We are excited to showcase our wide portfolio of intrusion detection solutions – including our new FlipX range of indoor sensors – and demonstrate how they can be utilised to deliver highly effective and reliable multi-layered security systems that complete protection for any site or environment, no matter the size or complexity.”

Fibersensys will introduce its latest innovation in point detection solutions, the Echopoint series. The Echopoint Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) utilise the latest technologies in fibre optic sensing and machine-learning algorithms to provide the most advanced solution for applications requiring long-range, point locating intrusion detection sensors, making them for large perimeter sites where highly accurate and precise intrusion location is required.

Fibersensys will also be showcasing the next generation of its buried sensor solution, featuring point location, the Terrain Defender 100. The TD100 provides one-metre target detection and adds another layer of precision and accuracy for perimeter protection for the most demanding sites such as military and nuclear bases, and VIP residences.

Masaya Horii, Fibersensys CEO, says: “We are excited to see our partners and build new relationships at Intersec. We have been hard at work developing new technologies and innovations, included our new Echopoint DAS system and our buried system, the TD100. Our continued participation in Intersec Dubai stems from the great relationships we have built over the years and the opportunity to share knowledge across the security industry.”


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