Nexcom NVR with new "war room" viewpoint feature

Taipei, Taiwan

Seaport terminals have become one of the most critical infrastructure assets in most countries with seaports around the world. Thousands of trucks enter seaports each day, indicating this activity needs special attention when it comes to monitoring and tracking the incoming trucks in real-time.

In particular with the Covid-19 situation, the number of people that can enter a seaport is limited, and ports can often experience increased congestion. With the increasing demand for IoT, the new, so-called, "war room" view can help the seaport operator to efficiently manage the seaport terminal operation while maintaining the limited number of people entering the seaport. The administrator can also easily review the performance of the seaport operation and take corrective action to increase operational productivity.

Real-time tracking of containers

The NVIS 1482 is equipped with an Intel SoC 8th Gen Intel Atom processor X series and Celeron J series, and it takes a huge leap forward in terms of its graphics capabilities with Intel UHD Graphics. It may stream up to 11-channels in H.265 codec with the resolution of live view + recording at 2MP (1080p, 1920 × 1080). These specifications give the NVIS 1482 the ability to drive a maximum display resolution of 4KP60, giving the supervisor the ability to easily track incoming trucks in real-time.

Cost-effective solution and performance

Nexcom Desktop NVR, NVIS 1482, 8 PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) ports all in one built in, and it also includes user-friendly powerful support functions at the front- and back-end such as:

At the front end there are six Diviotec network cameras connected to 2 gantries.  Each gantry has 2 x 2MP bullet network cameras (NBR126PA) and 1 x 12MP fisheye network camera (NFF273) installed.  The NVIS enables direct provision of network transmission and power supply to all connected network cameras at the front end.

At the back end, the NVIS NVR has been integrated with Milestone video management system to send real-time video results to the "war room" through 2.5GbE LAN port and use the LAN (1GbE) port connect LTE router for remote maintenance. The system supports video recording for 30 days as backup.

The all-in-one design may allow users to save on TCO (total cost of ownership) on the necessary edge recording,  whilst still providing effective quality at the same time. 

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