Nedap & BAM partner on city security and traffic management

Groenlo, The Netherlands

The joint solution ensures that only authorised vehicles can enter controlled areas

In order to keep a city safe and livable, more and more cities are opting to ban vehicles in certain zones. However, these zones must remain accessible for emergency services and suppliers. With both a lot of experience, BAM Infra and Nedap Identification Systems offer a suitable solution for Dutch cities to automate and regulate traffic flows.

The rapid population growth worldwide poses multiple challenges. For example regarding traffic, where the increasing number in means of transport is putting pressure on the traffic flow. Especially in inner cities with a narrow infrastructure and a historic city centre, it is challenging to ensure that traffic flows safely.

Reducing traffic by vehicle access management

Many cities and municipalities therefore choose to restrict traffic in certain zones. However, these zones must remain easily accessible for emergency services and suppliers. To achieve this BAM Infra and Nedap Identification Systems have partnered up for many years already in offering an effective vehicle access management solution for Dutch cities.

The joint solution ensures that only authorised vehicles can enter controlled areas once they have been automatically identified and authorised. By regulating traffic flows, city centres are changing from vehicle-dominant areas to attractive and safe public locations.

BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek has many years of experience in infrastructural connections in the Netherlands. As a system integrator and consultant they offer advice on complete solutions for Dutch cities for urbanisation and mobility. When it comes to regulating traffic in city centres, they work closely with Nedap Identification Systems.

Moov city access platform

Nedap’s Moov city access platform offers a simple solution to control who is allowed to enter and when. This process is fully automated. In the Moov software users simply determine their access policy, then choose how they want to identify a vehicle and / or driver and Nedap ensures that cities are protected against unauthorised vehicles.

Together, the partners have already provided many Dutch cities with a tailor-made solution for traffic flows in inner cities. Think of cities such as The Hague, Oss, Hilversum, Nieuwegein, Barendrecht, Dronten, Huissen, Venray, Valkenburg, Sittard Geleen and Venlo.

“Safe and right the first time is one of the key performances of BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek. In order to guarantee this, professional and reliable partners such as Nedap Identification Systems with their specific knowledge and equipment are indispensable. Therefore, it is good to know that BAM has been able to rely on the knowledge and professionalism of our partner Nedap for many years to design, implement and maintain successful city access solutions.” Gerrit van Ballegooijen, project leader product group, Beweegbare Fysieke Afsluitingen at BAM Infra Verkeerstechniek.

“The long-term, pleasant cooperation as well as the professional and technical expertise of BAM Infra is confirmed in a successful partnership between BAM and Nedap. This partnership brings complete solutions to municipalities in designing and maintaining city access systems.” Michiel Rijssemus, Business Development Manager at Nedap Identification Systems.


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