Major Indian tourist destination transforms into smart city

Nagaland, India

Located in the extreme eastern part of India, the second largest city of Nagaland is a popular tourist destination and boasts a resident population of almost 100,000 and spans 20 square kilometres. It is at an elevation of 1444 metres with majorly mountainous terrain. The city is constantly expanding, with more and more people migrating to this city for better work opportunities and standard of living.  The city felt the need for a surveillance solution to empower decision-makers and enforce law and order more effectively and sought out a robust security system, not only to prevent crime and keep citizens safe but also to manage traffic.

In its mission to become a smart city, the officials were looking for an intelligent surveillance solution that is intuitive, future-ready and scalable. It was especially critical to choose a solution that could keep up with the city’s expansion and growth. The administration was keen to have an open platform that would help them add more capabilities and applications over time.

With these goals in mind, Videonetics designed a bespoke and modular AI powered unified solution based on its Intelligent VMS and video analytics for the city. Automating surveillance of strategic locations. 

After a thorough analysis, the city decided to deploy 100+ cameras, including PTZ and box cameras, at 90 strategically identified locations, which are being managed by state-of-the-art Videonetics Intelligent VMS. These cameras have been placed at planned and sensitive areas such as important traffic junctions, city roads, outside government offices, exit and entrance of the city, common grounds, near crowded marketplaces, helipad, and more.

Supporting law enforcement agencies

Videonetics Intelligent VMS allows administration to ensure comprehensive round-the-clock monitoring of the city infrastructure and proactively detect and address any developing problem. The smart and user-friendly navigation of Intelligent VMS enables city operators to easily monitor and analyse live and recorded videos simultaneously in the same interface. This feature is particularly helpful while supporting the law enforcement agencies quickly leading to rapid resolution of the problem. With its multi-layer sitemap interface, operators can quickly select cameras from the pool, helps in keeping bird eye view of camera distribution across the city.

Accelerating the response time with AI powered video analytics by deploying Videonetics AI enabled video analytics as part of the solution, the decision makers receive alert on live video feeds, that has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes to understand the potential level of threat and enhanced monitoring of restricted-access areas. Therefore, they selected key analytics for some of the sensitive places, in the first phase of the project.

Traffic management issues

The city has been witnessing a dramatic increase in the number of vehicles, thus making it imperative for the authorities to put in place an effective traffic management system.

With Videonetics unified solution, city officials can efficiently keep 24x7 watchful eye on the city, from the Integrated Command & Control Center. Hence, empowering them to stay abreast of every movement/activity, facilitating law & order, traffic management, municipal operations and providing wealth of data intelligence under one roof.


According to Videonetics, the smart city project is proving to be a great success, delivering tremendous impact in a short amount of time since deployment.  The Videonetics unified solution quickly became a valuable resource for law enforcement and traffic police. From setup to usability, the solution has made it possible for the city to be proactive about keeping physical security round-the-clock.

All in all, the smart city initiative is enabling government and civil service officials to operate efficiently, as well as enriching the lives of citizens. In addition, it is boosting economy of the city, enhancing various aspects of infrastructure, and making it an even more sought-after destination for travel enthusiasts.


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