Iloq receives largest order to date in Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg schools place the biggest order ever in Sweden, and the second largest globally, with Iloq, for over 15,000 of the company's S5 locking solutions.

Iloq has received a contract to deliver locking systems to all public schools in Gothenburg, which corresponds to 15,500 doors. The order is the largest so far for Iloq in Sweden and delivery has already begun in December this year.

During the first half of 2023, all doors of all public schools in Gothenburg will be equipped with Iloq’s S5 locking system. The locking system was introduced by Iloq in 2019 and is battery- and cable-free, just like Iloq’s other digital and mobile locking systems. The energy needed to confirm the authorisation and unlocking of doors comes from the kinetic energy generated when the key is inserted into the lock.

The locking system also minimizes costs and administration when it comes to key management. The administrator can update access to the schools’ doors in real time and members of staff only need one physical key in their hand to access them.

“We chose Iloq because costs and safety are important to us. We have previously had problems when an entire locking system had to be replaced when keys were lost. In the long run this is very costly; with Iloq, we avoid this,” explains Peter Granfeldt, Development Manager for security at the Elementary School Administration in the City of Gothenburg.

“This is a deal that we’ve been working on getting for seven years. What made the deal possible was the focus on sustainability and safety, which are core values for Iloq. It is very exciting that these are issues that determine a deal for everyone in the supply chain,” states Gunilla Berg, Sales Manager at Iloq.

Iloq was founded in 2003 in Finland and has been an industry leader in the Nordics for a long time, and now also globally with a wide range of smart digital locking products. The order from Gothenburg’s Elementary School Administration is Iloq’s largest in Sweden and the second largest globally.

“We are pleased with the trust we have received from Gothenburg’s Elementary School Administration and that they have seen the value of using our locking system in all doors in all public schools which gives them the opportunity to keep the locking systems and security constantly updated. We look forward to working on similar projects in 2023 and beyond,” concludes Christer Wiberg, Country Manager for Iloq Sweden.


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