Idemia wins ID document contract in Chile for next 10 years

Santiago, Chile

Idemia has been awarded a new contract that includes identity and travel documents, the identification system, and related services by Chile’s Civil Registry and Identification Service for a period of 10 years.

The new generation of ID documents will incorporate multibiometrics: fingerprints, face and iris. The ID documents will meet a higher level of security standards, making the Chilean passport one of the securest travel documents in the world.

The contract will also include a Digital ID that will enable local citizens to securely access online services.

The new contract includes an upgrade of ID documents and the provision of a digital ID for all Chilean citizens. The ID documents now comply with the highest security standards on the market, including cryptographic technologies. For the first time ever, Chilean identity documents will include iris biometrics in addition to face and fingerprint biometrics.

The digital ID (in compliance with ISO and ICAO standards) allows secure access to online public and private sector facilities, for example, telemedicine and transport booking services. Additionally, Chilean citizens will be able to securely share ID attributes online for remote ID verification.

An average of 320,000 passports will be produced per year, in addition to 4.8 million ID cards.

Idemia’s solution allows visually impaired people to use the ID card and passport through an app that uses voice assistance to reproduce the data. Idemia also proposes identity cards and passports that contain the initials of the citizen in braille.

"We are proud to continue our long-term partnership with Chile by providing one of the most robust and globally recognised identification solutions on the market. With this new generation of secure ID documents based on multibiometrics and cryptography, we are providing an end-to-end solution that meets the stringent requirements of the Chilean authorities, enabling the country’s digital transformation", said Matthew Cole, EVP Public Security & Identity at Idemia.

Idemia has been present in Chile since 2012 and has issued over 3.37 million passports and 29 million ID cards, with delivery times averaging less than 24 hours. Idemia’s longstanding collaboration with the Civil Registry and Identification Service has resulted in Chile’s passport ranking 16th in the world, allowing visa-free entry to 174 countries and an exclusive visa waiver for the United States.

Special attention was paid to the design of the passport and ID card to reflect the unique character of the world’s longest country (north to south).

The development of the solution for Chile’s ID programme is based on the latest developments of Idemia's innovative automated biometric identification system, Idemia’s Biometric Recognition System (IBRS) that ensures each citizen is provided with a strong and unique legal ID that is valid throughout their lifetime It also includes specific components (MBIS) for interconnection with National Security Organisms.


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