Hikvision releases Cybersecurity White Paper

Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

Hikvision, a world leading IoT solutions provider with video as its core technology, has released a cyber security white paper designed to be an educational resource for the security industry.

Hikvision believes it is crucial for industry leaders to work together to understand cyber security risks and to take measures to meet those challenges for the IoT industry.

“The surveillance industry originally relied on analogue technology which operated on private networks. In those days, the industry focused on product cost, performance, and ease of use. As the industry has transformed from analogue and isolated to digital and networked, we have seen the benefits that the digital and networking revolution brings to the surveillance industry. However, we have also witnessed the spread of various types of malicious cyber security attacks from the Internet to the surveillance industry,” said Bin Wang, Chief Officer at Hikvision Network and Information Security Laboratory and Network Security Department.

The Hikvision cyber security white paper outlines current security threats for the Internet of Things, and for network and information security in the surveillance industry. It explores the product security life cycle and product security research to protect user data in comprehensive ways, and safeguard assets from common cyber threats.

Hikvision is committed to supporting and adhering to internationally recognised cyber security standards and best practices. Hikvision actively supports industry research efforts to increase network defense capabilities. It is dedicated to using and improving open and transparent methods so that customers and users can assess Hikvision’s cyber security capabilities.

“Cyber security is not only the responsibility of product manufacturers. Everyone who participates throughout a project’s life cycle, including users, system integrators, operators, system designers, and other service providers, are all responsible for using cyber security best practices. All stakeholders must contend with the same cyber security challenges. The solution to this problem is 30 percent technology and 70 percent management,” said Mr. Yangzhong Hu, CEO of Hikvision. “Cyber security challenges will always be around, so we must remain vigilant and keep working on improving product security.”

The Hikvision Cybersecurity White Paper copy can be downloaded from the company's website.


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