Geovision first TAICS to be certified in Taiwan security sector

Taipei, Taiwan

Geovision, a manufacturer of video surveillance management system and IP cameras, has unveiled its TAICS-certified IP camera models at the 2018 International Information and Communication Standard Forum, as the first company to be certified in the sector.

TAICS, short for Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards, is a government endorsed non-profit organisation that establishes ICT standards for Taiwan government and locals. TAICS IP camera security standards are voluntary and in compliance with international standards.

With the rise in exploitation and growing awareness of cyber security issues in video surveillance, Geovision has been actively improving its encryption specifications for better cyber security. By passing the video surveillance system security standards, Geovision would be the first security company to receive the certification in Taiwan.

The forum is hosted by TAICS and its European counterpart ETSI (short for The European Telecommunications Standards Institute), with the objective to bring together thought leaders from across industries and technologies for a collaborative industry discussion on cyber security. Geovision has demonstrated the certified models used in industry 4.0 for image analytics, as well as in retail industry for face, age, and gender recognition to personalise the shopper experience. The certified camera is also used in face-based access control for improved security over swipe cards.

Specifications of the certified models will be updated on the TAICS Web Site in December 2018.


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