Everbridge forms strategic alliance for security business in Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

Everbridge, Inc, a global leader in critical event management (CEM) and national public warning solutions, has agreed a strategic alliance with Grupo Siayec, a leading provider of digital and physical security solutions and specialists in the implementation of video surveillance, security monitoring, access control, analytics, and biometrics systems. The partnership helps expand CEM adoption for Everbridge solutions within the Mexican enterprise market.

The two companies jointly participated in the recent C5i: Congreso Internacional de Tecnologías de la Información Aplicadas a la Seguridad conference and also took part together at Expo Seguridad Mexico at the end of June.

Through the partnership, Grupo Siayec customers gain seamless access to Everbridge’s CEM solutions, including Control Center, helping increase preparedness for a wide range of digital and physical threats. Grupo Siayec offers deep digital transformation expertise in the implementation and integration of cloud services, business intelligence, physical security, cyber security, and IT incident management and response.

“Thanks to our alliance with Everbridge, we are strengthening and consolidating the integration of security processes, technology, data intelligence, analysis and specialised consulting to support our clients with the challenges involved in the design and development of a comprehensive system for risk management,” said Antonio González CEO of Grupo Siayec. “We will achieve this through a phased methodology that addresses identification, analysis, evaluation, and mitigation. This type of methodology makes it easier for clients to obtain, within a single scalable and secure platform, the automation of their risk intelligence processes in order to make decisions at key moments,”

Over 6,200 businesses, governments, and healthcare organisations currently rely on Everbridge’s CEM Platform to assess threats, monitor the wellbeing of their workforce, rapidly communicate warnings, protect supply chains, and accelerate the analysis of their operational response. The Everbridge CEM Platform leverages over 450 out-of-the-box, pre-existing technology integrations and over 25,000 risk data sources, for organisations to gain clarity, act faster, and improve business continuity and employee safety before, during and after a crisis.

“We are excited about our partnership with Grupo Siayec which enables Everbridge to expand our business and people resilience solutions for enterprises in Mexico amidst an increasingly volatile and uncertain global threat landscape,” said Dominic Jones, Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Alliances at Everbridge. “Siayec supports a world-class roster of leading businesses. For any organisation, the ability to assess and successfully accelerate the response to, and mitigation of, cyber and physical threats often mean the difference in effectively protecting business operations and life safety.”


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