Euresys invests in new HQ and opens office in China

Liege, Belgium and Shenzhen, China

Euresys has recently invested in a new home for its dynamic enterprise specialised in state-of-the-art image processing hardware and software. The company believes that its new facility reflects the Euresys culture and business results.  In addition the company has also announced the opening of its new support office in Shenzhen, China.

Euresys views the new building as not only a fixed structure, providing stability, safety and confidence, but also as an anchoring point for its concept into modernity with multimedia means allowing life size meetings with worldwide located managers and colleagues (or more locally during the recent pandemic home-office practices), expanding that “home” feeling way beyond the geographical location.

Cleverly designed by the architect Valentiny, the building makes an optimized use of the natural light bringing directly, and even to the most enclosed areas, inspiration from and feeling for the outside world.

Optimising energy sources, including solar and shading infrastructure, the building offers a welcoming environment in individual offices, open spaces, cafeteria and meeting rooms of all sizes allowing an efficient use of a palette of individual and collective resources.

Euresys has also opened its new support office in Shenzhen, China. "The opening of a support office in Shenzhen is a great step forward for Euresys in China." says Antonio Fan, Sales and Support Manager, China. "We welcome Ms Deng Guolan, she has a long experience in the industry and will complement our existing team in Shanghai, providing premium support to our local distributors and customers".


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