Dallmeier zooms in on stadium security

Regensburg, Germany and Munich, Germany

For maximum security on match days: With more than 150 successful projects worldwide, Dallmeier is one of the market leaders in video technology for stadiums.

Dallmeier is acting as official sponsor of this year's ESSMA Safety & Security Workshop. On 29 and 30 March 2022, stadium security and safety experts will have the opportunity to learn about video-based security and business solutions at the Allianz Arena in Munich. 

ESSMA, is the European Stadium & Safety Management Association created to unite the stadium industry. With more than 350 members from numerous leagues and federations, the organisation has a strong network in Europe to discuss sector related topics and reach common insights.

The Safety and Security workshop will handle multiple topics which appeared as a post-Covid issue. Preventing and dealing with Pyrotechnics and potential pitch invasions will be the  first hot topic. And this will be expanded upon to gain expertise on safety & crowd management after Covid-19 based on the brand new regulations and advice by SGSA.

With more than 150 successful projects worldwide, Dallmeier is one of the market leaders in video security for stadiums. The heart of many solutions is the manufacturer's patented Panomera multifocal sensor system, which allows security personnel and police to capture large grandstand areas with consistently high image quality and a minimum amount of camera systems. Particularly in combination with the Dallmeier Hemisphere software platform, pyrotechnics violations, racist riots or bodily harm can be tracked and managed - and costs resulting from fines, for example, can be reduced.

Crowd management through unified security systems

By supporting common interfaces, Hemisphere can integrate and correlate camera data and data from all kinds of security systems, such as access control, fire and intrusion detection systems and building automation. Unified access via interactive 3D maps allows users to benefit from a "single pane of glass" that can be used for a wide range of applications. These include a full overview of all stadium areas, automatic intrusion detection for "sterile areas", functions for quickly locating suspicious persons and support for emergency services.

"Whether for grandstand security or software-supported process optimisation - Panomera and Hemisphere open up previously unknown possibilities for stadium operators", explains Maximilian Strangemann, stadium expert of the Dallmeier Group. "Far beyond mere image capture, Dallmeier solutions allow data and information from a wide range of sources to be intelligently correlated - for efficient crowd & security management and safe, smooth stadium operation."


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