Dallmeier transforms physically and online

Regensburg, Germany

The transformation of Dallmeier electronic from camera manufacturer to provider of integrated solutions is now evident in the company's internet presence.

In tandem with the introduction of the new "Panomera W" series of cameras, Dallmeier has launched a new website. The simple navigation concentrates on the company's core competences of economical industry solutions, innovative, radical technologies and comprehensive services.

In the course of the last few years, Dallmeier has expanded its expertise steadily in core sectors such as safe city, stadiums, airports, industry and casinos. This also reflects the new website menu, where customers can find video-based, industry-specific solutions under "Solutions". The "Technology" menu item includes all the modules of an end-to-end video and security management system. "Service" offers complete information about the company's portfolio of services, such as the innovative 3D planning approach.

The simple, clearly structured organisation of the pages and the responsive web design are more than just a boon to the user experience. According to Georg Martin, Chief Communications Officer (CCO) at Dallmeier they also reflect the corporate philosophy: "Making things easier."

"For our customers" says Georg, "this means helping them to achieve their security and process optimisation objectives as economically as possible and with the highest possible quality. For 35 years now, Dallmeier has been in the business of creating products and solutions that offer real added value through innovative functions – such as a considerably smaller number of cameras through the patented multifocal sensor technology of the Panomera systems. We look at everything from the point of view of the market, that is to say the customer, so customers can navigate our new web presence rapidly by recognising solution advantages specifically for their industry and finding fast, concise explanations of the associated technologies."


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