Dahua HOC solution opens a new chapter for policing

Hangzhou, China

The solution selected is based on the Dahua Heart of City (HOC) architecture.

Located in Eastern China, Hangzhou is the capital and most populous city of Zhejiang Province. It has a registered population of 9,800,000, with a total area of 16,596 km². Jianggan District is one of the five main urban areas of Hangzhou. With floating population of about 1.06 million, it ranks first among Hangzhou's main urban areas. 

As the new administrative centre of Hangzhou, it boasts the most important CBD and the largest train station and car hub in Hangzhou, bringing together various traffic elements such as highway junctions and bridges across the river.

Covering 8 streets, 141 communities and 4 villages, the entire Jianggan District is promoting vital transformation in urban areas. Nevertheless, the non-registered population, accounting for about 40% of the total population, makes it hard for the local government to improve urban management in the district. Every policeman is required to manage 1,700 citizens on average. The shortage of police manpower affected their work precision and led to difficulties in providing timely police response. In addition, insufficient surveillance coverage and limited intelligence systems in the area resulted in inactive security measures, making it difficult for the police to achieve their goals

The solution selected is based on the Dahua Heart of City (HOC) architecture supported by "Full Sensing, Full Intelligence, Full Computing and Full Ecosystem (4 Full) capabilities, whereby Dahua Technology firmly focused on the construction needs of the area and built the overall plan of establishing an "online police". Integrating the Internet, DoT and IoT, Dahua Technology has successfully assisted the Hangzhou Jianggan Public Security in building a multi-dimensional network that targets customer value, and combines AI, big data, and cloud computing in order to obtain accurate real-time data and strengthen the current technology of “online police” operations.

Moreover, Dahua Technology deployed 19 sensors, hundreds of monitoring products and a sophisticated network. It also set up 46 actual police investigation models to provide accurate instructions for Jianggan police, including property crimes analysis, situation analysis, vehicle management, people management, psychiatric control, online apprehension of violators, as well as missing person search, etc.

Compared with the traditional police operation, the Dahua HOC Safe City Solution has built an “Online Police” mechanism to obtain the most authentic real-time data through information technology, and carry out accurate computer applications for a more scientific service deployment, efficient police force and powerful security control. It ensures that the Jianggan police can perform properly at a given time. It also promotes the transformation of police affairs from passive to active, from extensive to subtle, from imprecise to accurate, and from offline to online, gradually carrying out the prediction, early-warning, and prevention measures of police operations.

Since 2016, according to the company, the Dahua HOC Safe City Solution has helped Jianggan Public Security achieve outstanding results including enhanced police intelligence, reduced crime cases, increase in case closure rate and efficiency, improvement in public service, and speedy recovery of missing individuals, opening a new chapter for intelligent police operations.


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