City of Naples partners with TKH on parking management

City of Naples, Fl and Cheshire, CT (USA)

With a population of roughly 20,000 residents and tourists visiting throughout the year, parking can pose a challenge especially in peak travel season. To create the smoothest possible travel experience for tourists and residents alike, the City of Naples is implementing a TKH Security Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) in its two existing parking garages to monitor more than 600 combined spaces, as well as a new structure that will open later this year with 400 spaces.

Positioned between Miami and Fort Myers, the city draws in large numbers of visitors from across the country. "The City of Naples is one the most beautiful cities in the State of Florida. It’s always a pleasure and privilege to bring new technology to thriving cities looking to enhance the experience for its residents and visitors,” said Thomas Alexander, Regional Account Executive. “We are thrilled to add another major city to our long list of Florida projects.”

Two phase project

Installation of the Park Assist Solution in the City of Naples will be completed in two phases – first, replacing the outdated loop system in the existing parking structures with the camera-based C5 Smart Counting Solution and second, installing the C5 in a new garage to open in late 2024. Unlike traditional loop systems, this state-of-the-art solution can be installed with no disruption to parking operations and offers unmatched accuracy, flexibility, and data insights. The C5 cameras are strategically installed at crucial locations, precisely detecting bidirectional traffic at 96%+ accuracy, and transmitting the counts to both VMS signs and INX for comprehensive reporting for operators and unmatched insights for visitors to draw upon when choosing where to park.

The City of Naples’ automated parking guidance system (APGS) package also includes:

  • Strategically positioned VMS-NAV signage at garage entrances, providing advanced messaging capabilities and allowing visitors to check availability before entering the structure,
  • An API integration providing access to a mobile app for visitors and residents to use to determine parking garage space availability counts and for operators to improve garage efficiency,
  • And a TKH proprietary INX platform, offering comprehensive data analytics that encompass both real-time and historical trends to better understand dwell time, turnover rate, and more.

According to the company, the first phase of installation in the two existing garages is slated to begin in Q2 2024 and be completed by the middle of summer. The second phase will commence once the new garage is completed in late 2024.

“The City of Naples selected us based on our proven track record throughout the state and a recommendation from a trusted general contractor who had previously worked with us,” said Thomas Alexander.


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