Auto ID and data collection market to surpass $130 billion by 2030

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The global automatic identification and data capture market size is expected to reach USD 131.48 billion by 2030, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.7% from 2022 to 2030. With an increase in the use of smartphones for image recognition and QR code scanning along with an increase in the development of e-commerce platforms internationally, the market is anticipated to experience a noticeable growth during the forecast period.

Furthermore, increased automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solution acceptance due to their capacity to reduce discrepancies is likely to drive the growth of the AIDC industry during the forecast period. For instance, the analysts found that in April 2022, Arcion Labs, Inc., a truly real-time database replication platform, announced the release of Arcion Cloud, a fully managed change data capture data replication as a service that empowers businesses to leverage more significant, big data pipelines in minutes.

RFID prevalent

The most prevalent devices used to identify and capture the data are RFID scanners and RFID tags, barcode scanners, fixed-position, and handheld laser scanners and imagers, wearables devices, voice recognition solutions, and rugged tablets. Automatic identification and data capture systems, such as wearables, barcoding solutions, and RFID scanners, are critical in e-commerce and warehouse management.

AIDC technology not only assists the e-commerce business in automatically identifying objects, collecting data about them with high accuracy and precision, and electronically entering this data into the computer system. By keeping track of inventories, accounting, human resources, and overall procedures, technology also helps increase productivity and operational efficiency.

In August 2022, by way of a further example, analysts discovered that, BE Switchcraft Pty Ltd, a manufacturer of electronic and electrical components, endorsed Zebra Technologies Corp.'s radio frequency identification (RFID) solution to obtain real-time visibility of its production process and financial data. The solution allows the BE Switchcraft team to see each stage of the switchboard production process in real time. The collected data is integrated with the company's enterprise resource planning system to offer essential updates on each project's status and financial data for projects in production.

New government regulations

Research suggests that rising government laws requiring AIDC technology are driving demand for these systems. Over the last decade, governments worldwide have passed legislation to encourage the use of AIDC technologies in various industries to address the issue of rising data entry errors and associated operating costs. These laws and regulations are intended to assist enterprises in ensuring improved information visibility, improving operational efficiency, lowering operating costs through accurate data capture and fewer data input errors, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Also in August 2022, analysts found that Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) announced the launch of a beta version of Digiyatra, an app based on facial recognition technology to recognise travellers. The initiative intends to provide a paperless & seamless travel experience, following the Government of India's regulations for providing contactless, effortless processing of passengers at airports.

Main players

Some of the key players in the automatic identification and data capture market include, Bluebird Inc, B.O.S. Better Online Solutions, Cognex Corporation, Datalogic S.p.A., Honeywell International Inc, NEC Corporation, Panasonic Holdings Corporation, Thales, Toshiba Corporation and Zebra Technologies Corp.


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