Ajax protects modular exhibition in Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine

Art spaces with valuable exhibits are always a challenge for the security industry. Mobile constructions, architectural features, and a great number of visitors require flexible solutions for complex protection. Module of temporality (MOT) — is a 417 m² exhibition space. It consists of 27 metal containers. There are paintings, sculptures, installations, and audiovisual works of 28 artists from 10 countries inside the containers. The exhibition is devoted to the theme of russian aggression against Ukraine.

Unlike classical museums, MOT containers are situated right in the middle of the square in the centre of Kyiv. The exhibition doors are open to the general public 7 days a week for three months. After that, the art space will be taken apart and then put back together in a new location.

The application, therefore, posed various challenges, such as the protection of the exhibits and metal constructions, but with the possibility of relocation of the security system The challenge of organising a stable radio signal also needed an efficient solution. All walls and slabs are made of metal, and this type of material screens and weakens the radio signal. On top of that, the signal is additionally weakened by metal objects inside the space. Thus, to provide a powerful radio signal, it was necessary for engineers to calculate the exact number and optimal location of all detectors and range extenders at the site. On top of that mobility for relocation was a further important consideration. The MOT exhibition is planned to be presented in different countries. However, to relocate it, organisers have to dismantle all constructions together with the security system. The location of containers may change, yet, despite all changes, the security system should provide a stable radio signal.

“The fundament of our project is an international exhibition for which many artists created and provided works devoted to the theme of temporality. Despite the fact that it is unusual for each of them to present their works in a country that is at war and where it is impossible to insure the works of art, they entrusted us with their precious paintings, installations, and sculptures.

The Ajax security system has been trusted to protect them against damage, theft, or flooding, allowing the team of the project to monitor the space day and night and even remotely control the devices” says,  Amina Yepisheva, PR manager at Ajax.


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