Ajax and Yale expand partnership to over 30 additional countries

Kyiv, Ukraine

Ajax and Yale have extended their original partnership covering five countries to now include over 30 additional countries. Image credit Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems and Yale are expanding their partnership to 30 additional countries, building on the initial partnership revealed earlier this year, which has already seen successful implementations in several European countries.

Originally rolled out in Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and Italy the integration is now available to users and businesses in many more markets.

To further enhance this offering, Yale has released a new model of its flagship smart lock that can also be controlled via Ajax apps — the Linus Smart Lock L2. It features enhanced durability, quieter performance, and twice the speed of the previous generation of Linus Smart Lock. The new smart lock is designed to adapt to most cylinders/locks and can be quickly mounted on your door with no modifications needed and removed without leaving any marks. With Linus L2, consumers can easily lock/unlock their doors without needing to keep track of any keys and share virtual keys with friends, family, and trusted individuals for full control over their home access.

Combined convenience

Overall, this partnership makes life easier for Ajax users, as they can manage and control their Yale Smart Locks directly from the Ajax app. Consumers can enjoy a Cloud-to-Cloud connection to guarantee smooth and secure communication with their Yale Smart Lock and Ajax system. With this integration, users can easily lock and unlock their Yale Smart Lock and see the lock status within the app.

Beyond automatic locking or unlocking, the integration offers advanced automation options. Users and security monitoring companies also receive instant notifications whenever there's a change in the status of the Yale smart lock and can respond accordingly. They can access a detailed event history log within the Ajax app.

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