Addsecure acquisition strengthens smart rescue offering

Stockholm. Sweden

Addsecure is acquiring Teleservice Radiokom from Teleservice Skåne AB. Through the acquisition, Addsecure complements its offering within the smart rescue business area and becomes a stronger player with a broader product portfolio.

Teleservice Radiokom has extensive experience and broad expertise in radio communication. The company has collaborated with several large industries and companies for different types of communication solutions. Teleservice Radiokom has been involved in a number of prestigious projects in Sweden such as Turning Torso in Malmoe, ESS (European Spallation Source) in Lund and the construction of the Halland tunnel, and has delivered radio networks to Södra Cell, Stora Enso and Kemira Kemi. In addition, the company executes design, installation and commissioning of the entire radio and telecommunications contract for rescue services and is responsible for the service to these units.

Through the acquisition, customers will be able to benefit from an even wider range of products and services. Addsecure's current offering is complemented by radio communication and increased indoor coverage. At the same time, Teleservice Radiokom's customers gain access to additional solutions, products and service across the country.

“We are very pleased to have the team from Teleservice Radiokom join Addsecure. In addition to cutting-edge expertise in radio networks and indoor coverage, the staff has extensive experience and close cooperation with customers in the rescue service and industries, areas that are very important to us", says Stefan Albertsson, CEO of Addsecure.

“Teleservice Radiokom now becomes part of a larger, expansive group within its niche, which will secure its future and expansion. The company will not only have access to new markets and customers, but also to an organisation that can support and develop the company and its staff further. Teleservice's other companies, with the business areas IT, fibre and broadband, we will continue to operate as usual - with a constant focus on development and the digital opportunities of the future", says Patrik Andersson, CEO of Teleservice Skåne AB.

Teleservice Radiokom was previously part of Teleservice Skåne AB, but in 2018 it was diverted to a separate company. Addsecure acquires Teleservice Radiokom (100%) by the owner Teleservice Skåne AB.


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