Vigitron demystifies the technicalities of PoE

San Diego, Ca

Vigitron a leader in network solutions designed for security applications, will be introducing it 2022 Educational Series at the beginning of February. The first seminar in the series will focus on understanding PoE.

“With the introduction of IEEE 802.3bt providing PoE up to 95W and the growing number of security devices requiring higher power, PoE systems have become more complex,” stated Neil Heller, Vigitron’s Vice President of Business Development.

“The complexity results from compatibility issues between IEEE 802.3bt compliant devices and others. Many high-power PoE devices are not standards and not compatible with newer IEEE 802.3bt forms. Compatibility between PoE sources and connected devices depends on PoE source power level, the number of wires used, and the initial signature which will be covered in the webinar.”

Vigitron's highly successful Educational series begin 2022 with this new PoE webinar. The company started to conduct webinars in 2020 with an 8 part series that had more than 8,000 registrations. This trend continued in 2021.

Vigitron provides this educational and network design service free and without obligation and the “PoE Demystied” webinar will be held at the beginning of February and openings are limited.

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