Multi-national partnership secures labs for global technology leader

Greasque, France and Sunnyvale, Ca

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When NTT opened its research centre in Silicon Valley, it was looking for a high-security expert capable of protecting the company's sensitive data. The solution to address the challenges faced by this $3.6 billion global provider of business technologies and solutions was found in the combined technological force from access control leaders Stid, Genetec, Splan and Mobotix Dormakaba and was carried out by systems integrator Innovati, Inc.

This new technology centre of excellence located in Sunnyvale, California, features a unique integration of security solutions to streamline access and optimise energy management.

Seamless user experience

After a year of testing, the new laboratories had solutions in place to ensure seamless security when they opened. Several solutions were put in place which included the Stid Architect Blue and Stid Mobile ID readers.

QR code Architect readers

Compatible with RFID, NFC and Bluetooth technologies, these readers from Stid offer a simplified identification of employees and visitors. The QR Code module facilitates the management of temporary accesses (offices, parking lots or other infrastructures...).

The readers deployed covered various models in the Stid portfolio, including: the Arcs-B Blue - Keyboard/RFID/Bluetooth/NFC readers; The Arcs-AQ Blue - Standard/Bluetooth/NFC/QR code readers; the Arcs-D Blue - Standard/biometric readers; the Arcs-H Blue - Bluetooth desktop readers, integrated at Sunnyvale to address keyboard emulation issues. 

And finally, the Stid Mobile ID virtual badges, which transform the smartphone into a mobile access key. The access rights are adapted to the user's profile: employees, visitors, temporary staff etc.

Complete autonomy in security management

"Businesses are constantly exposed to intrusion threats that can damage their reputation, result in serious financial consequences, and even invade the privacy of their employees. We offer a range of technology solutions to improve and streamline internal processes and ensure corporate well-being and security. We have extensive expertise in helping companies integrate instinctive identification solutions to improve their business. We are working with NTT to provide complete autonomy in security management and increase the overall mobility that NTT needs,"  says Alex Valadez, from integrator, Innovati, Inc.

"Sensitive information in data centres and labs requires user-friendly hands-free access solutions and a seamless level of security. We worked with Splan to provide a robust visitor management platform that allows users to scan a QR code with their smartphone for quick access to buildings and other structures. It's also possible to give temporary access to cleaning crews, visitors and other providers without ever sacrificing security," adds Frederick Trujillo, U.S. Operations Manager, Stid.

A global and optimal security solution

STid, Genetec, Splan, Mobotix Dormakaba and Innovati, Inc. are able to ensure complete security and interoperability through Stid's multiple interfaces and open communication protocols. STid provides a seamless user experience with a system capable of managing enterprise access control, printing, vending machines, visitor management, lockers, cashless restaurants, time and attendance, OEMs, and more.

This new solution, according to Stid, saved NTT approximately $250,000, reducing costs by about 30% compared to estimates from a global competitor. The NTT Sunnyvale implementation is a pilot project and there are plans to roll the solution in Washington DC and San Francisco, with global mobility options for easy installations at other NTT locations worldwide.


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