Verizon adds Blackberry security to MSS portfolio

Ontario, Canada

Verizon has added Blackberry Cylance’s AI-driven antivirus security solutions to its industry-leading Managed Security Services (MSS) portfolio.

“Businesses of all sizes are suffering alert-fatigue generated by other endpoint solutions. Many are turning to managed security services to gain holistic, expert-level management across their endpoints, gateways and networks on a round the clock basis.” said Stuart McClure, co-founder of Cylance and president of Blackberry Cylance. “By offering Blackberry Cylance’s AI-powered endpoint protection, Verizon’s MSS customers will now have access to a powerful antivirus technology with the ability to prevent known and unknown threats, reducing the strain on other security controls, and alerts that must be tracked, processed and audited.”

Cylanceprotect and Cylanceoptics endpoint security products are now available for licensing and management by Verizon Managed Security Services. Cylanceprotect prevents ransomware, fileless attacks, and other unknown threats from executing on the endpoint before they can do harm. This significantly reduces the number of alerts and amount of security data passed on to other security controls. Cylanceoptics is the industry’s first AI driven endpoint detection and response (EDR) product. It delivers on-demand threat hunting and automated response capabilities.

“Blackberry Cylance is the logical partner of choice given its ability to deliver protection against known and unknown malware, malicious scripts, fileless attacks, zero-day payloads, as well has harder to detect ‘living of the land’ assaults,” said Alex Schlager, executive director, security services, for global products and solutions at Verizon. “Blackberry Cylance is at the forefront of delivering artificial intelligence driven security solutions, and the first next-gen vendor to deliver on-device machine learning threat detection in an EDR product. Their prevention-first philosophy maps extremely well to our desire to help customers gain the upper hand on today’s adversaries. We look forward to offering our customers Blackberry Cylance’s added value services within our award-winning managed security portfolio.”

In addition to inclusion in Verizon MSS portfolio, Blackberry Cylance’s endpoint security intelligence is also used to power the Verizon Risk Report security assessment framework. The framework enables companies to make data-driven security decisions, identify security gaps and prioritise improvement actions, and focus security spend where it will have the most impact. Three levels of assessments are offered: Outside-in, inside-out, and culture and process. Blackberry Cylance is used for the inside-out assessment – an evaluation that automatically searches for malware, unwanted programmes and other potential vulnerabilities.


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