Veracity partners with Arecont Vision

Los Angeles, Ca

Veracity, a leading manufacturer of storage and network products, has joined the Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program.

“The Arecont Vision partnership has allowed Veracity to innovate new transmission products that accelerated the growth of the megapixel marketplace,” said Scott Sereboff, CEO of Veracity. “The Coldstore storage system has been tested and in use in Arecont Vision’s Megalab for several years. Having access to over 130 real megapixel cameras rather than using simulation software when combined with the top-tier video management software selection in the Megalab allows us to ensure that we continue to provide the best integrated solution for our customers.”

“The innovation that Veracity built into the Coldstore storage system mirrors the outside-the-box thinking that Arecont Vision has continued to bring to the security market,” said Jason Schimpf, Director of Sales Operations and Partner Relations. “Our end user customers and integrators will benefit from having these products integrated together.”

The Arecont Vision Technology Partner Program includes sales, development, and support contacts between the two companies in order to better engage with end user customers and integrators, integrate new features and technology, and resolve customer support issues.


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