Valerus upgrade brings enhanced physical security solution

Hauppauge, NY

The latest upgrades produced in new releases, Valerus 23.2 and Vax 3.1 from Vicon, offer deeper integration between video and access control, and help to further enhance the company's end-to-end, unified solution.

In keeping with Vicon’s single pane of glass approach, the powerful Vax Action Plans are now available in Valerus. They can be triggered automatically via Roughneck AI camera analytics or manually, via an icon on the map. Additionally, users can activate and see their Vax doors and I/O’s via Valerus. Once the Vax system is added to Valerus, the Vax I/O’s will be automatically added and will function the same as any other digital input or relay output resource in Valerus.

“One of the most powerful Vax features is the Vax Action Plan,” said Huy Lai, Sr. Product Manager, Access Control. “And now customers can trigger those Action Plans within Valerus, reinforcing Vicon’s holistic, unified approach,” continued Lai. “For example, if an intruder is detected in the building after hours, Valerus can automatically send a text to the head of security, pop up a video alarm notification, turn on the lights in that area, lockdown the facility, trigger an audible alarm, and record at full frame rate.”

Now included with Vax, the new Vicon-Pass application allows visitors to receive a web link that will grant them access to a specific door. Visitors will receive a “visitor pass” in the form of a text or an email; there’s no need for them to install an app—they just click the link. This is ideal for issuing temporary access credentials to visitors like contractors, parent volunteers, construction workers, etc.

Additionally, with the release of Vax 3.1, users will get a host of new features that make access control easier for administrators, users, occupants, and visitors. The brand new Vax UI makes the whole user experience easier and more streamlined. Users will notice a refreshed, updated look and feel with no “re-learning” required.

Vax now contains intuitive, colour-coded dashboards that are displayed as soon as users log in. They’ll get immediate intel on system health and status, and they can quickly pinpoint concerns that may need further attention. The dashboard incorporates a drag and drop widget interface so users can customise it according to their preference. Users can create custom ID badges directly within the Vax application without the need for third party software, and Vax is compatible with any badging printer.

Vicon continues to choose leading-edge technology partners to integrate with its solutions. These integrations enhance the company’s existing reach and address specific customer needs. Vax now integrates with Schlage Wireless Locksets and DSC Alarm Panels for a more comprehensive offering.

“Vicon’s VMS and access control platforms continue to evolve as a unified solution, and as the integration progresses, more and more Vax features can be controlled in the Valerus user interface,” said Ashwin Chandranathan, Product Manager, VMS Software. “There’s no switching between applications to get a full overview security assessment which makes our customers job much easier,” added Ashwin.


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