Two new additions to Q-Track solution

San Jose, Ca

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Quanergy Solutions has unveiled two new innovations for its Q-Track solution; an industry-first cloud-based sensor coverage tool and full Windows compatibility. Both of these new products further improve the customers’ out-of-the-box experience for Quanergy’s Q-Track portfolio.

The cloud-based Q-Track Coverage Tool is aimed at revolutionising pre-deployment planning and site surveys. This innovative tool allows users to virtually place Lidar sensors within their environment, providing real-time insights into coverage areas, point cloud density, and potential blind spots. By empowering users to optimize their Lidar deployments before even setting foot on-site, the cloud-based sensor coverage tool enhances operational efficiency and minimizes the need for on-site adjustments, saving both time and resources.

"With our new cloud-based sensor coverage tool, Quanergy is redefining the way customers approach site surveys and pre-deployment planning," said Gerald Becker, VP of Market Development and Alliances at Quanergy Solutions. "By providing users with a comprehensive platform for pre-site assessments, we're empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize their Lidar deployments with confidence. The new tool allows performing site surveys within minutes without any complicated installation.”

Complementing the launch of a cloud-based sensor coverage tool is the full Windows-compatible version of Q-Track tailored specifically for the physical security sector. Designed to streamline deployments and offer a plug-and-play experience, it seamlessly integrates Quanergy's advanced 3D Lidar long-range sensors with cutting-edge smart perception software. The new Windows-compatible version comes with an extensive list of performance features including 360° 3D Lidar coverage, a wide range of 140m in diameter per sensor, and over 98% detection, tracking, and classification accuracy, that claims to slash false alarms by over 20 times. Further enhancing the ease-of-deployment narrative, the Q-Track solution is PoE+ compatible, and it’s NDAA, GDPR, BAA, and TAA compliant.

"Q-Track represents a significant advancement in Lidar technology, empowering professionals across various industries with unparalleled capabilities for a multitude of applications," added Becker. "Our new Windows compatibility increases the solution’s overall value proposition for both users and system integrators as it’s the most prominent OS used by security professionals.”

Quanergy's simultaneous launch of its new cloud-based sensor coverage tool and Windows-compatible Q-Track solution is a demonstration to underscore the company's commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.


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