Sentry enter body-worn camera market

Las Vegas, Nv

Sentrymobile unveiled at ISC West

Sentry360, an innovator of advanced video surveillance has cemented its entrance into the emerging body-worn camera market by debuting it's new line of Sentrymobile products at the International Security Conference (ISC West) in Las Vegas this week.

Thomas Carnevale Founder and CEO of Sentry360 stated, "Having extensive experience in designing systems on physical infrastructure- Sentry360 sees an incredible opportunity to utilise body-worn mobile cameras as an extension to the traditional fixed wired surveillance system."

Security guards or officers can quite often be on premises and moving outside the reach or coverage area of their existing video surveillance system. Sentrymobile cameras allow users to not-only store video on the device itself but also deliver the ability to stream the footage wirelessly to an existing video management platform for live monitoring and redundant-recording.

For law-enforcement professionals a complete process of securing evidence is equipped with the Sentrymobile chain-of-custody. This system complies with local jurisdictions for delivering cost-effective and secure long-term storage requirements.

With 9 years of imaging development experience of video surveillance software and optics- Sentry360 sees a much larger opportunity for the next-generation of body-worn cameras diversifying applications outside of security. Thomas Carnevale continues, “We believe an emerging application for body-worn cameras are for service technicians and training. We as an industry need to expand our horizons and offer process-driven solutions that deliver a creditable ROI to end-users.”

Sentry360 has an open API for 3rd party application developers to integrate the Wifi enabled body-worn cameras as part of their system.


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