Radiflow launches MSSP partner programme

Mahwah, NJ

Radiflow, an industrial cyber security solutions  specialist for industrial automation networks, has launched a partner programme for MSSPs to offer OT cyber security services.

Radiflow’s new OT MSSP partner programe provides the framework for MSSPs to offer new cyber security services dedicated to ICS/SCADA networks to their industrial enterprise and critical infrastructure customers. Radiflow is aiming this offering at MSSPs that already provide IT cyber security services and are looking to enter the OT space as well as industrial engineering companies that are interested in expanding their service offerings to include cyber security services.

Radiflow’s programme for OT MSSPs is based on the company’s ISID Industrial Threat Detection System running in the cloud environment of an MSSP partner. ISID can be utilised by an MSSP as the starting point for an ongoing network monitoring service that involves building a network topology map of all devices, connections, ports and data traffic flows on an OT network and handling alerts to any changes to this baseline understanding. As part of an ongoing networking monitoring service, an MSSP can also use ISID to detect any breech attempts and apply security upgrades to any newly detected devices.

“Most industrial enterprises and critical infrastructure operators lack the internal resources to adequately protect their OT networks,” said Aaron Sherrill, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. “This situation has created a unique opportunity for MSSPs, and Radiflow offers them the tools, procedures and expertise required to establish the framework for building OT-dedicated cyber security services.”

For customers that prefer to maintain cyber security operations on-premise, Radiflow provides the option of granting the MSSP secure access for network monitoring with an ISID system that is installed at the customer’s facility.


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