Rack-mountable 64ch embedded NVR from Deeplet

Taipei, Taiwan

Deeplet Technology Corp., a Taiwan-based manufacturer of surveillance innovation and of integrating web-based sophisticated networking capabilities, is set to exhibit at Ifsec Global next week on London, UK. Deeplet offers the promise that its products are compliant with the NDAA policy which do not use or deploy critical components, nor include SoCs produced by NDAA banned component vendors.

At the show this year, Deeplet will showcasing its latest 5MP IP camera range and 4K NVRs, including 4K XVR.

One of the highlighted new developments is the 64ch rack-mountable embedded NVR, DN-66364.  The 64ch NVR deploys the new Taiwan SoC solution designed as a plug-n-play device, in compliance with the TAA and NDAA regulations. It can be used to configure up to 64 IP cameras at 8 megapixels (per channel) along with six fold operation - i.e. simultaneous record, live, playback, backup, control, & remote access.  Additional functions, such as digital watermark, 2-way audio, digital zoom (x2 & x 4), DHCP Server built-in, UPnP, P2P, RTSP, and QR code are also supported.

As the Onvif Profile S/T and/or RTSP are supported, the 64ch embedded NVR can configure multiple world-known brands of IP cameras for system integration and operation. It offers compression & decompression video with configurable quality and takes a max. of 320Mbps incoming bandwidth during system operation.  The NVR supports real-time live display at 30/25fps per channel.

The DN66364 NVR accommodates up to 6 Hard-disk Drives internally (each HDD up to 12TB max.) and 1 eSATA connector (optional) for external storage.  The NVR supports event recording, time-lapse recording, and alarm recording to Google Cloud Drive.  Its playback search can be done by time or event (logs by alarms, motions, and video loss).  It can push alarms and offers line notification for users' portable devices.

Deeplet offers DVR browser utility and 1 App (or software via IE/Firefox/Chrome) to manage multiple DVRs/NVRs from remote sites. On the rear panel, the NVR offers 1 HDMI (3840 x 2160), 1 VGA (1920 x 1080), and 1 CVBS ports for video ouputs. Other than DI/DO inputs for IP cameras, if PoE is required, then the DN-66364 can be offered with 16 or 8 PoE termination as an option.  There are 2 x RJ45 1Gbps Ethernet ports offered to support remote accessing (dual streaming support). There is 1 Audio-in and 1 Audio-out for external audio devices to configure in the system.

Deeplet has a full range DVRs-NVRs-IP cameras-MDVRs incorporated with the new Taiwanese SoC, and the company welcomes all types of business collaborations for OEM or ODM projects on a customised basis to add and create quality and value into innovative solutions with their business partners and clients around the globe. 


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