New thermal-based AI nuisance alarm filtering technology

Princeton, NJ

Sightlogix, a leading innovator of outdoor video security solutions, is introducing thermal-based AI alarm filtering, an edge-based solution that significantly enhances outdoor performance.

This development augments Sightlogix's "above all, don’t miss" detection architecture, aiming to virtually eliminate outdoor nuisance alarms while maintaining the highest Probability of Detection (PD). Designed for perimeters and outdoor areas, the thermal edge-based AI operates directly within the camera, delivering powerful and reliable performance 24/7.

This technology is backwards compatible for existing customers with Gen4 Sightsensors at no charge through a simple firmware update starting early Jan 2024 and will be included in all new Sightsensors at that time.

Seamless, flexible & reliable operation

Thermal AI is an enhancement to the Sightsensor’s “One-Click” geospatial calibration and pre-defined detection rules. It is enabled on a per-zone basis with a simple checkbox. Once activated, users benefit from exceptional AI performance during the day or night, and in all weather conditions, and without the cost and complexity of lighting that is required for visible-based cameras with or without AI.

According to the company, this latest Sightlogix innovation represents a significant leap forward in outdoor security technology, offering an unparalleled reliability and ease of use, building on Sightlogix’s position as a longstanding innovator in advanced outdoor security solutions for protecting important assets and managing risks.


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