New rugged multi-sensor scalable drones from Flir

Arlington, Va

Flir Systems, Inc. has released the Flir Stormcaster family of unmanned aerial system (UAS) payloads for its Skyranger R70 and R80D Skyraider airframes.

The new line launches with two multi-sensor products –Stormcaster-T, which delivers continuous zoom and longwave infrared (LWIR) imaging; and Stormcaster-L, which provides ultra-low-light imaging, tracking, and mapping.

Stormcaster represents Flir Systems’ next generation payload family for the company’s own UAS airframes gained through the acquisition of Aeryon Labs in February 2019. According to the company, the new line reflects a leap forward in scalable performance, offering a 7X improvement in line-of-sight stabilisation, enhanced range of motion, and greater geolocation accuracy – all in a rugged package. Interoperability across the Stormcaster family enables users to quickly and easily change modules on the Flir Skyranger and Skyraider UAS systems. The Stormcaster line will leverage continuing improvements in aircraft performance, providing small units with the organic capability to conduct increasingly demanding missions such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).

“Stormcaster-L and –T are just the beginning of this new line of advanced, high-performance payloads for our small, tactical UAS platforms,” said David Ray, president of the Government and Defense Business Unit at Flir. “For mission needs ranging from force protection and border security to clandestine operations, Flir Stormcaster will provide heightened situational awareness, bolstered by our aircraft’s onboard, real-time artificial intelligence.

“We will develop more multi-sensor payloads through 2020 that deliver on our promise to offer capabilities at the individual operator level that previously required larger, more expensive UAS,” Ray added.

The Stormcaster-T features a Flir Boson thermal camera to support detection, recognition, identification, and target acquisition day or night, with maximum range and time-on-station. Its continuous zoom lens, with a 75-millimeter maximum focal length, permits long distance ISR while providing clear, actionable imagery. The Stormcaster-L ultra-low-light imaging camera offers superior ISR and mapping performance during twilight and nighttime operations. Key features include 4K recorded video and full-colour night vision in low-light conditions.


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