Morse Watchmans releases new innovations in Madrid

Oxford, Ct (USA) and Madrid, Spain

Morse Watchmans was recently showcasing its Keywatcher Touch key management system at Sicur 2018 in Madrid. The company also introduced Assetwatcher, its asset management solution which uses proven Keywatcher technology to manage valuable assets.

“Morse Watchmans is excited to bring Assetwatcher to Sicur, the eminent exhibition for integrated security solutions in the region,” said Fernando Pires, CEO at Morse Watchmans. “We’ve adapted many of the features our customers have come to rely on with Keywatcher, and integrated RFID technology to track valuable assets, and are excited to share our revolutionary asset management solution with the attendees at Sicur.”

Assetwatcher is a flexible, scalable, and highly capable RFID-enabled locker system that supports more than 10,000 users on a single system and is configurable in three usage modes. Assetwatcher’s RFID technology allows you to easily track who is removing or replacing an asset, as well as when and where in the system the asset has been taken from or placed. Many of the proven features of Keywatcher bring the highest security and capability to Assetwatcher, including email notifications, multi-site operation, and multi-user capability.

Along with the new Assetwatcher system, Morse Watchmans was showcasing the flagship Keywatcher Touch key management system, utilising a touch screen and the company's patented Smartkey system with Keyanywhere technology that makes it simple to return a key to any key cabinet in an enterprise. Updates to Keywatcher Touch for 2018 include a new database design, a desktop fingerprint reader that allows users to enroll fingerprints through Truetouch software, and the ability to utilise multiple Keywatcher Touch server instances with a single SQL database.

“Our industry-leading Keywatcher Touch system is now even more capable,” said Mr. Pires. “We’re excited to showcase these improvements that have continued to make Keywatcher a leader in key management technology.”


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