Livewire network monitoring now with AI pattern finding

Campbell, Ca

Livewire network monitoring from Liveaction will now allow users to easily export network packet data for use in AIs to find patterns that human operators might otherwise miss.

Network monitoring produces huge amounts of data and for many organisations, it's difficult to use to its greatest potential. To make matters worse, users are often deluged with noisy alarms and alerts which don’t provide context or end up being false positives.

Livewire now allows users to easily export their data and use it with the AIs - such as Chat GPT. From there, they can more easily address a wide range of network issues by combining these network data sets with AI capabilities.

This can make addressing previously complex network issues into natural language questions. For example, when voice jitter becomes a problem, administrators can use their network monitoring data in an AI to merely ask questions like “do we have any voice problems?”, “where?”, “for how long” and “how do I address it?”

These capabilities can also be used to unearth previously unnoticed patterns in text-heavy data, uncover contextual relationships in network events that would be difficult for a human administrator and simplify previously complex workflows.

John Smith, Founder and CTO at Liveaction notes “AIs and Large Language Models (LLM) are having rapid and transformative effects on the world around us. However, many still aren’t aware of how they can leverage them with the data they already own. Livewire gives users an easy way to supercharge their network monitoring data with these emerging technologies.”


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