Ionscan 600 added to TSA air cargo screening technology list

Edgewood, Md

Image courtesy of Smiths Detection

The Smiths Detection Ionscan 600 explosives trace detector (ETD) has been designated as Qualified Technology on the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL), allowing the Ionscan 600 to be purchased and used as part of global screening operations by regulated air cargo facilities.

Since 2021, the TSA has mandated 100% screening of cargo being transported by aircraft originating in the U.S. and destined for non-U.S. locations. Additionally, the International Civil Aviation Organization air transportation standards mandated that all international cargo-only flights receive the same level of security screening and scrutiny that cargo shipments on passenger flights undergo now.

Key benefits of the Ionscan 600 include:

  • Promotes faster screening with detection analysis delivered in less than 8 seconds.
  • Highly sensitive trace system that detects explosives at nanogram levels.
  • Lightweight - the Ionscan 600 is both compact and fully portable allowing it to be easily used in dynamic screening environments.
  • Offers low maintenance and low cost of ownership due to economical consumables and no requirement to replace dopants and recalibrate.
  • Can be plugged in or used with hot-swappable batteries for continuous use, boasting a 2-hour battery life, the longest of any ETD.
  • Specially designed trace swabs for efficient particle pick-up.
  • Non-radioactive source ion mobility spectrometry (IMS).
  • Requires minimal training due to simple interface.

Inder Reddy, President Smiths Detection Inc., said, “We’re thrilled that the Ionscan 600 is now qualified on TSA’s Air Cargo Screening Technology List. This will allow operators to gain from efficiencies and heightened security offered by our proven technology in air cargo security. Already widely used by airports around the globe, the Ionscan 600 is a leading trace detection system thanks to its reliability and speed.”

The Ionscan 600 is widely used by airports at passenger/employee checkpoints and baggage screening; customs; police; and first responders around the globe. In addition to its ability to detect explosives, the Ionscan 600 can detect a vast array of narcotics including various fentanyl compounds and spices.


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