Identiv launches frictionless long distance UHF access credentials

Fremont, Ca

The newly launched Identiv frictionless, batteryless Utrust UHF credentials work with identification applications that require long-distance reading. Ultra high-frequency (UHF) technology is ideal for parking lot access and gate control, door entry in hospitals or gated communities, logistics, object and people tracking in emergency situations, real-time locationing, cafeteria access, and any hands-free environment, including medical or care facilities, club and resort membership, sport facilities, and universities.

The credentials can be read through badge holders, handbags, pockets, and backpacks, supporting touch-free, highly hygienic physical access control.

“For today’s most critical pandemic-era environments, Identiv is focused on providing solutions that support the safest, most hygienic physical access control,” said Stephane Ardiley, Director, Product Management. “Our new Utrust UHF credentials harness ultra high-frequency technology for long-read applications — meaning your access card never has to leave your pocket as you enter gates, buildings, or controlled areas in schools, hospitals, or other hands-free locations. Beyond access control, Utrust UHF credentials can be utilised in emergency situations or in the medical field for real-time people and object tracking.”

Identiv’s Utrust UHF Credentials provide multiple options for durable, interoperable radio frequency identification (RFID) cards. UHF technology (operating in the 860 - 960 MHz frequency range) delivers outstanding performance for long-distance, multiple, reliable readings of credentials, including cards and tags. Leveraging the short wavelength of UHF technology, they are the ideal solution for reading people or items from a significant distance (i.e., more than 18 – 21 feet).

Utrust UHF credentials can keep track of people to increase personal safety and facility security, capture guest/visitor data, and can support 125 KHz low frequency (LF) and/or 13.56 MHz high frequency (HF) interfaces. The credentials are EPC Class-1 Generation-2, ISO/IEC 18000-63:2013, and RAIN UHF RFID-compliant and are compatible with a huge selection of second-generation UHF readers available on the market today, including handheld, stationary, or desktop readers.

Offered in regular credit card plastic format (CR80) for corporate or government personnel, Utrust UHF credentials are available in two models: ISO PVC UHF LF Card and ISO PVC UHF DESFire EV2 2K Card.


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