Hikvision releases new line of thermal imaging solutions

City of Industry, Ca

Earlier this week in two specially organised webinars Hikvision launched its so-called "groundbreaking" Thermal Camera Series. The webinars unveiled the latest innovations in Hikvision thermal technology, introducing attendees to a range of myth-busting features in Hikvision’s thermal solutions lineup.

"Hikvision’s groundbreaking thermal solutions shatter the myths, bringing budget-friendly, high performance thermal cameras to dealers and end users across the U.S.,” said John Xiao, Vice President of Marketing, Hikvision USA. "With intelligent, deep learning thermal technology, we can see beyond the visible spectrum, ensuring no threat goes undetected, regardless of environmental challenges."

Features of the new portfolio include:

  • Dual, bi-spectrum lens: Hikvision Heatpro cameras feature one thermal and one optical lens in each camera, for optimum visuals.
  • Discover hidden objects: Thermal technology is not limited my smoke, fog, darkness, or strong backlight. It illuminates the unseen for maximum protection.
  • Early detection and warning: Monitors temperature changes and triggers alarms before a fire occurs for rapid response and asset protection.
  • Accurate target focus: Using deep learning algorithms, Heatpro cameras accurately identify humans and vehicles, no matter the environment, for improved alarm efficiency.
  • Cost-effective technology: Intelligent thermal perimeter protection, early temperature anomaly detection, and asset protection are all available at a competitive market price.

Mission Linen is a leading supplier of linen services and unform rentals and janitorial products to hospitality, medical and industrial businesses.  “Our Hikvision thermal camera setup helps ease these issues and provides more safety checks to our procedures. The cameras allow us to gather temperature readings throughout the whole sling of material and not just the perimeter,” said Mission Linens operations manager, Aaron Milroy. "As temperatures start to rise, the Hikvision thermal camera detects the increase and triggers a relay at the intrusion alarm panel. This transmits a supervisory signal to an off-site central monitoring station where personnel then calls Mission Linen Supply to notify them of the rise in temperature."


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