Hikvision offers customised line for cannabis operations

City of Industry, Ca

Hikvision is presenting a comprehensive portfolio of physical security solutions effective for the protection of assets, people and property at cannabis operations. With a range of fully integrated products tailored specifically for the unique needs of the cannabis industry, Hikvision is empowering businesses to maintain regulatory compliance, secure their assets, and drive long-term success.

"As the cannabis industry continues to expand and evolve, Hikvision remains at the forefront, providing scalable and future-proof physical security solutions,” said John Xiao, Vice President of Marketing, Hikvision USA. "Beyond facilitating security and compliance, our solutions are capable of delivering intelligent insights cannabis facilities crave to help owners make data-driven decisions for better operational outcomes."

The cannabis industry presents distinctive challenges that demand specialised security measures. Hikvision recognises these challenges and has developed a wide array of budget-friendly security solutions designed to address the specific requirements of cannabis facilities, including regulatory compliance, retail optimisation, workforce management, and cash control.

Key solutions that Hikvision provides for th cannabis market include:

Deepinview cameras for retail stores

Hikvision's Deepinview cameras provide intelligent video analytics and features like Queue Management, Customer Traffic Counting, and Shoplifter Alarms. These solutions enable cannabis retailers to optimise operations, enhance customer experiences, and mitigate risks associated with theft.

Thermal cameras for grow rooms

With the ability to operate without supplemental lighting, Hikvision's thermal cameras provide 24/7 monitoring of temperature and humidity in cannabis cultivation environments, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth while minimizing energy consumption.

Hikcentral VMS for security rooms

The Hikcentral Central Video Management System (VMS) is a robust software platform that offers unified video, alarm, and access control management, as well as overall system health monitoring. This comprehensive solution provides cannabis facilities with centralised control and monitoring capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a secure environment.

Hikvision's technology also plays a pivotal role in maintaining regulatory compliance within cannabis operations. From 24/7 storage of security video to comprehensive access control systems, Hikvision provides reliable solutions that enable cannabis operators to adhere to local and state regulations without exceeding budgets.

By way of example, according to the company, the Colorado-based medical marijuana company, 14er Gardens, deployed a total of 95 Hikvision cameras for indoor and outdoor monitoring and used Hikvision’s Pro Series NVRs for storage. These NVRs enabled them to meet the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division’s (MED) video storage requirements for 40 days of on- and off-site recording.


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