Hikvision strengthens open AIoT eco system with HEOP 2.0 launch

Hangzhou, China

The Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) version 2.0 has just been released, at the company's 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit in Bali, Indonesia, and it offers partners and developers easier access to Hikvision AIoT hardware products and technologies to facilitate co-creation of value for customers.

Open technologies, platforms, and collaboration are crucial for the future adoption of AIoT, and the enhanced HEOP platform demonstrates how Hikvision seeks to help pave the way for AIoT innovation and co-creation.

An open ecosystem

HEOP 2.0 provides Hikvision partners with a unified, open, and safe environment for application operation and management. Featuring an open architecture, the platform supports containerised, independent deployment, and embedded application of third-party algorithms or components on Hikvision hardware, thus creating integrated devices with high flexibility.

Compared with conventional HEOP software, HEOP 2.0 makes it easier for partners to deploy proprietary Deep Learning algorithms on Hikvision edge devices, and provides more intelligent and tailored applications for end users.

Two technical advantages

HEOP 2.0 is made possible by Hikvision’s two cutting-edge technologies: ‘Conch’ container technology and the Hikflow algorithm development kit.

Hikvision’s container technology is lightweight, secure, and has wide compatibility. It provides an independent running environment for applications, optimises use of hardware resources, and enhances the level of security.

Hikflow is the core component of the HEOP platform, allowing third parties to run their Deep Learning algorithms on Hikvision devices. Its core advantage lies in support for multiple hardware platforms, rich deep learning operator generation process, and multiple algorithms running on the edge.

Together these technologies provide partners with a convenient and reliable route to market, that requires only minimum software development.


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