HID Olea partnership brings access innovation to self-service kiosks

Austin, Tx

The new HID Olea technology partnership aims to revolutionise the self-service kiosk industry Image credit HID

HID, a worldwide leader in identity solutions, and Olea Kiosks, a provider of self-service kiosk solutions, have entered into a new collaborative engagement that aims to revolutionise the user experience when it comes to access control and user authentication across a range of applications.

Industries from healthcare, hospitality and retail to banking, government, transportation and beyond are primed to empower people with unsurpassed levels of security and user convenience when it comes to countless check-in and access scenarios. The HID U.Are.U Camera Identification System – featuring facial recognition technology (FRT) – can now be incorporated into the Olea Hypermodular Kiosk to address the rising demand for flexible, customisable ID authentication and verification across various vertical settings.

Facial recognition technology continues to gain traction based on its unique combination of high security and user convenience. Paired with the extremely flexible Olea kiosk, HID’s AI-powered U.are.U Camera Identification System is an ideal solution for applications needing to handle high throughput.

HID facial recognition technology offers:

  • Speed and accuracy: On-the-spot verification authenticates and validates an individual’s identity in seconds, reducing wait time in line.
  • Ease of use: One look is all that’s required to securely capture a facial image for frictionless identity verification.
  • Security: Biometric traits provide irrefutable proof of identity and presence to prevent fraud.
  • Convenience: The face becomes the ID card, pin and password, so there’s nothing to carry, forget, lose or have stolen.
  • No human intervention: This seamless technology requires no dedicated staff to check IDs.
  • Contactless and hygienic: Facial recognition offers a touchless way to authenticate individuals' identities, minimizing exposure to health risks by reducing shared touchpoints.

Olea developed the Hypermodular kiosk in response to market demands for flexible, customizable kiosks for the security and access control space. In addition to housing HID’s leading facial recognition camera, Olea’s kiosk design can also accommodate fingerprint scanners, barcode scanners, ticket and ID document readers, RFID readers, card printers, and other HID offerings within its Hypermodular footprint.

Bringing together HID facial recognition with Olea kiosks supports myriad use cases for reliable self-service check-in and authentication, for applications in retail & hospitality, banking, healthcare, airport and border crossing.


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