Genetec launches Security Center for Airports

Montreal, Canada

Genetec releases Security Center for Airports

The new Genetec Security Center for Airports is a new solution designed to help airports of all sizes manage and optimise their security and airport terminal operations. It enables security managers, control room operators, terminal and ground handling staff as well as passenger experience managers to work together using a single unified product tailored to their unique needs.

Security Center for Airports has been designed to empower customers to create a safer environment, improve airport operations, enhance passenger experience, while reducing the overall costs of operations and increasing non-aviation revenues.

"Traditionally, airports would have to work with a multitude of single-purpose products that don't interconnect to build their global security operations centres (GSOCs)," explained David Lenot, Airport Practice Leader at Genetec. "This would often create a very complex operating environment leading to slow security response time. But with the growing volume of passengers, airports need help to guarantee safe travel, and many airport security teams are rethinking their security technology strategy. With Security Center for Airports, control room operators, terminal operations, and ground handling can all work in sync to ensure their airport runs like clockwork."

"From parking, shopping and dining to check-in and take off, our airport, like any other, must provide a safe and efficient experience for travellers," said Daniel St-Pierre, Deputy Director, Operations & IT Security at Aéroports de Montréal. "The Genetec unified platform helps us make the passenger journey seamless while also improving operations, and making the airport a safer environment for everyone that passes through our doors."

In addition to video management (Security Center Omnicast ), access control (Security Center Synergis) and Automatic License Plate recognition capabilities (Security Center Autovu), Security Center for Airports features a number of airport-specific capabilities including Security Center Flight Business Logic, Security Center Boarding Route Management, Security Center Restricted Area Surveillance and Security Center Passenger Analytics.

In addition to the new Security Center for Airports, Genetec offers a broad portfolio of solutions for airports including Genetec Mission Control a collaborative decision management system;  Genetec Clearanc, a collaborative investigation management system, that helps speed up investigations by allowing users to securely collect, manage, and share evidence from different sources with stakeholders within and outside an airport.


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