Gai-Tronics enhances Hubbcom with temperature sensing

Reading, Pa (USA)

Gai-Tronics has enhanced the Hubbcom family with a new Temperature Sensing feature.

Gai-Tronics has added a new access control feature to the Hubbcom family of products - Temperature Sensing. This new feature offers a new way to facilitate a contactless check-in process for employees and authorised visitors in a building.

“Gai-Tronics is proud to have developed an access control feature that complies with WHO Covid-19 safety standards and guidelines to ensure peace of mind and promote health and safety.”  said -Stu Foote, Senior Product Manager.

The Temperature Sensing feature within the access control system offers various benefits to users and managers alike,  including body temperature reading whilst wearing a mask; minimal face-to-face contact when checking into a building; potential reduction of contact transmission by reporting irregular body temperatures; reduction of manual temperature scanning workload; and compliance with Covid-19 safety standards and regulations.

When an authorised user walks into a business’s vestibule/lobby, the device scans their access card and then prompts them to align their face with the template that appears on the screen. The body temperature is read within 2-5 seconds and, if a satisfactory temperature is detected, access is granted. Access to a building is denied if an irregular body temperature is detected. An email report of the body temperature and photo are sent to a pre-determined individual (security personnel or facility operations management etc.)

Temperature sensing access control is a useful security solution for businesses across a wide range of markets including manufacturing facilities, offices, educational institutions, healthcare and almost any building with an indoor vestibule/entryway.


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