Flir city focuses on connectivity

Las Vegas, Nv

At CES in Las Vegas this month, Flir introduced Flir City, a vision to use Flir intelligent sensing, AI, and cloud solutions to help cities become safer, smarter, and more connected.

Also, Flir was featuring its Flir autonomous vehicle for testing thermal technology and for the first time at CES the company was showing products from its unmanned aerial and ground solutions portfolio, including the Flir Black Hornet, which recently won Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Award for 2019.

Through an interactive virtual reality tour of Flir City, at the show, visitors were able to learn how Flir technology that already exists today can be integrated into city-wide smart solutions, allowing communities to rapidly shape and customise user-specific applications with a central cloud as the core management platform. From roadways, streets, and intersections to buildings, critical infrastructure, and public spaces, Flir smart sensing solutions can be an essential technology in the world of Smart City public safety operations.

Flir City also enabled the company to showcase several of its current products and solutions that support the public safety aspects within cities, as it represents the company’s vision for utilising connectivity across various security, mobility, transportation, and first-responder sensor products, achieved through sensor integration, data fusion, and intelligence-driven processing and analysis.

Flir also presented several of its unmanned aerial and ground solutions at the event. The company demonstrated two robots designed for public safety, including the man-portable Packbot and the smaller, throwable Firstlook. Additionally, Flir exhibited two aerial solutions, the award-winning Flir Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System, and the larger Skyranger, which can fly up 50 minutes in 65 kph winds.

Each of these unmanned solutions provide first responders with immediate situational awareness, perform persistent observation, and help them investigate dangerous areas while keeping operators out of harm’s way.


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