Edge360 partners with Quanergy

Ashburn, Va

Edge360, with its comprehensive containerised video management solution, has enhanced its collaboration with Quanergy, ensuring the provision of crucial security and business intelligence services.

With the integration of Quanergy's Q-Track and its advanced Object Stitching Mechanism, Edge360 bolsters the capabilities of its flagship Surveill VMS platform, allowing security experts to maintain continuous surveillance over potential bad actors regardless of visual obstructions or low-light conditions.

Quanergy's integration of high-precision Lidar sensors and a potent AI engine into Edge360's Surveill VMS promises a revolution in real-time tracking of people and vehicles. The inherent flexibility of the Surveill VMS platform allows for a seamless fusion with Quanergy's system, enabling an elevated level of video data analysis critical for mission-focused tasks.

The core of Quanergy's system lies in its Lidar-based surveillance and flow management technology, which amplifies security measures and advances business intelligence. The use of 3D Lidar technology empowers security leaders to collect and process invaluable data from video surveillance footage. When integrated with the Surveill VMS, this system augments the toolkit of security directors, providing them with a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of their security landscape. This enriched situational awareness empowers organisations to quickly identify and respond to potential threats, optimise operational efficiency, and make strategic, data-driven decisions.

"Experiencing our joint solution in action at ISC East offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the future of security technology," said John Rezzonico, CEO, Edge360. "This integration represents a significant advancement, combining Quanergy's sophisticated Lidar systems with our robust Surveill platform. It's a synergy that enhances real-time decision-making for security directors and we invite you to see the tangible benefits of this partnership firsthand.”


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