Echodyne receives FCC Authorization for Echoshield

Kirkland, Wa

Echodyne has received Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Authorization for its Echoshield radar. The FCC Authorization allows Echoshield to be used for non-experimental purposes and arrives as demand for its breakthrough radars grows across all markets and applications.

Echodyne’s software-defined, multi-mission, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) radars are used for situational awareness by Defense, Government, and Critical Infrastructure customers, and as a navigational sensor by Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) markets.

The primary drivers for the demand surge are security applications across all geographies. While large, conventional radars are optimal for addressing traditional air defence threats like jets and missiles, demand is growing for compact, portable, attritable, high-performance radars to deal with contemporary threats, especially drones. The low cost and operational effectiveness of drones as weapons demonstrates the need for symmetry in Counter-UAS solutions. Echodyne’s radars are built on patented Metamaterials Electronic Scanning Array (MESA) technology that shatters the barriers to cost-effective electronically scanned array (ESA) radar, the gold standard for operational excellence, and creates high-performance attritable solutions for mission-critical security applications, such as Counter-UAS.

“We have been working with Echodyne for many years,” said Al White, CEO of High Point Aerotechnologies. “Our business is designing intelligent Counter-UAS solutions for Defense and Government customers, and Echodyne’s radars have consistently topped the list for both accuracy and reliability. Echoshield sets a new mark in radar performance.”

According to the company, Echoshield has been active in trials and early deployments, with reviewers consistently citing accuracy and reliability as key differentiators to other radar options. Customers for Echoshield include global Defense Prime Integrators, Federal law enforcement and security agencies, and commercial and governmental research organisations.

“We are pleased to see such high demand for our Echoshield radar,” said Eben Frankenberg, CEO of Echodyne. “MESA allows us to design and build radars that deliver unprecedented performance in a commercial off the shelf package with unbeatable C-SWAP.”

Echoshield is a core piece of a software-enhanced radar architecture, utilising both on-radar software (firmware) and off-radar software to create high-fidelity situational awareness that ensures mission safety and success. The FCC Identifier for Echoshield is 2ANLB-MESA00054 and includes both FCC Part 87 and Part 90 Authorizations.


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