Dallmeier shows latest video solutions at Logimat

Regensburg, and Stuttgart, Germany

Automatically associating video images with data such as tracking numbers can hep reduce costs and optimises processes. Image courtesy of Dallmeier

Germany-based video pioneer Dallmeier will once again be taking part in Logimat 2024, which will be held in Stuttgart from 19th to 21st March. The experts from Dallmeier will be exhibiting on the stand of the Mobility & Logistics Cluster and will be demonstrating how security and processes in logistics can be optimised with video technology.

Image quality decisive for damage management and process optimisation

In addition to the classic “surveillance cameras” of the Domera series, Dallmeier’s logistics customers benefit above all from the manufacturer’s patented “Panomera” multifocal sensor cameras. These systems not only offer an optimal overall view, but also enable an unlimited number of detailed views, each of which meets the highest requirements of the international standard DIN EN 62676-4 for video surveillance systems.

Efficient surveillance with fewer cameras

The technology can be used not only in warehouses, but also in loading and dispatch areas, for yard management and hazardous areas. The results can offer benefits such as, improved damage management, increased safety and greater employee and customer satisfaction. Panomera cameras also help to reduce the total cost of ownership of video technology, as fewer systems, installation points and infrastructure are required to monitor large areas and long distances.

Protecting sensitive areas with AI video analytics

All Dallmeier camera families offer a wide range of video analytics functions. For example, the cameras classify objects such as people, animals and vehicles at the perimeter, which minimises the number of false alarms. Many other options are available, such as object counting, loitering and line crossing functions. For further analytics, the systems are compatible with a wide range of third-party analytics applications.

Real-time cargo tracking

The misplacement of packages is another well-known challenge in logistics. By automatically linking video images to package numbers, it is possible to search and locate packages very quickly and automatically. Intelligent, video-based systems use time servers to synchronise the various scan events to the exact frame. This allows the corresponding video sequences to be quickly assigned. This greatly reduces the time needed to trace parcels.

Privacy & security by design

Dallmeier develops and manufactures all products at its headquarters in Regensburg, Germany, where omprehensive functions for data protection and data security promise to ensure that logistics companies can operate video solutions in compliance with the GDPR. One example of this is the “four-eyes principle”, where the pixelation of persons can only be cancelled in the presence of a works council member.


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