Dahua focuses on Machine Vision at Automate 2019

Hangzhou, China and Chicago, Il (USA)

Last week in Chicago, Dahua Technology was highlighting its latest innovative industrial products as well as the related cutting-edge solutions of machine vision at Automate 2019, one of the biggest automation solution conventions in North America.

Focused on the theme of “Win the Future”, this biennial show collected together the latest innovative automation solutions, covering robotics, vision, motion control, and related technologies. Amongst over 500 exhibiting companies, Dahua Technology presented its leading expertise and vision for the future with a comprehensive product portfolio covering an Area Scan Camera, Large Area Scan Camera, Smart Camera, 3D Camera, as well as an Integrated Solution with Advanced Demo which includes a Video Tracking System, High-speed Code Reading Demo, High-precision 3D Demo, and High-resolution Demo.

The Area Scan Camera is designed for 0.3MP~25MP effective pixels and max 815fps. The device transfers image data via GigE, USB3.0, Cameralink and Coaxpress. Compatible with various industrial and non-industrial applications, the wide range of products with great cost-efficiency are designated to meet customer needs.

The Large Area Scan Camera is the ultra-high pixel camera with resolution of 12MP~50MP and it supports multiple interfaces, including GigE, Cameralink and Coaxpress, plus it is suitable for various high-precision applications.

Dahua's Smart Camera includes code reading cameras equipped with a Movidius processor, which supports most 1D, 2D barcode reading with high speed and high recognition rates; and the X86 open platform camera with IntelX86 main control chip inside, is convenient for customers to carry out secondary developments. It performs at a maximum speed of 2m/s, 3D camera and can scan objects as big as 1000mm (W) * 1000mm (H) * 2000mm (L). Accuracy is up to 5mm * 5mm * 5mm, making it suitable for a variety of logistics, express delivery and other sorting occasions.

By realising the binding of product barcodes and video streams, the Video Tracking System provides visual backtracking methods to improve workflow and resolve quality disputes, and can be applied to assembly lines, warehousing centees, transfer stations and distribution centres.

The High-speed Code Reading Demo showcased Dahua Technology’s expertise in bar code reading, enabling users to read the bar code quickly and accurately under high-speed circumstances. Its applications cover logistics sorting, logistics warehousing, visual traceability, etc

The High-precision 3D Demo presented Dahua's 3D camera which can measure small parts with a 20μm margin of error, widely used in the field of high precision and small parts such as parts collecting and PCR.

As for the High-resolution Demo, this was showcased with a large-area camera based on a 31MP Sony chip and displays high-precision images, suitable for fields like LCD screen inspection, wafer inspection, and semiconductor inspection.


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