Boon Edam launches improved full height turnstiles

Lillington, NC

The new full-height Turnlock turnstile recently released by Boon Edam

Boon Edam has launched an updated Turnlock full height turnstile that has been designed to offer increased performance and an improved experience for users and installers alike.

The update focuses on the design of the speed control mechanism and the overall construction of the turnstile’s top channel, providing improved rotation action and a significant reduction in overall weight of the top channel. In addition, the optional, emergency backup battery lasts twice as long as before.

Boon Edam’s Turnlock full height turnstiles are used around the world to allow only authorised personnel access into secure environments. Typically installed outdoors, their durable construction and efficient operation provide security access even in harsh weather conditions. They serve as visual deterrents against intrusion at perimeter fence lines of corporate headquarters, critical infrastructure locations, distribution centers, amusement parks and more.

The speed control mechanism in a full height turnstile ensures a safe rotation speed during use by dampening or absorbing excessive force when the rotors are pushed. The new and improved mechanism fulfills this purpose by providing a smooth rotation experience while also minimizing the force needed for a user to push the rotor. The rotor also slows down gently as it completes rotation, stopping in place to await the next user. The operation is quiet, smooth and subtle, without vibration, creating an optimal user experience.

The updated Turnlock now features a narrower top channel that weighs 70 lbs. lighter than the previous version, making installation much easier for contractors. The top channel is now only 8 inches wide, compared to the 18-inch diameter used previously.

Finally, the optional battery backup has been completely redesigned and updated using the latest technologies. The battery backup keeps a turnstile working in case the power goes out and the coverage period has now doubled from two hours to four hours of protection. The size and weight of the battery system has also been cut in half, contributing to ease of installation.

The updated features are available on all 3-rotor, single and tandem Turnlock 100, 150 and 200 models. Also, the redesigned top channel and speed control can be easily retrofitted into existing, installed Turnlock turnstiles.


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