Barrier1 extends offering to fencing markets

Nashville, Tn

Image courtesy of Barrier1

Barrier1 Systems, an industry leader in perimeter-hardening security and safety solutions, is showcasing a range of its crash rated vehicle barrier solutions and high-security gates at Fencetech next week in Nashville. The company's team of vehicle barrier experts will be on hand to engage traditional fence resellers and installers on the multitude of new and emerging business opportunities provided by perimeter-hardening, vehicle barrier systems.

“Historically, fence companies have primarily focused on providing static solutions to help safeguard properties,” said Mark Borto, CEO, Barrier1 Systems. “Given the rash of vehicle ramming incidents that occur at mainstream businesses every day, we want to show fence installers the extensive range of new business opportunities afforded to them when they add vehicle barrier systems to their portfolio of products, including expansion into new verticals, diversified revenue streams, and increased customer confidence.”

Vehicle barrier systems deliver brute force protection for mainstream applications, such as outdoor dining areas, convenience stores, retail shops, gas stations, office buildings, parks and recreation areas… virtually anywhere that vehicular traffic flows or can possibly gain access to facilities. With the dramatic rise in accidental and/or intentional vehicle ramming incidents, Barrier1 vehicle barrier solutions are quickly becoming a new security and safety imperative for business owners.

Barrier1 offers fence dealers and installers the opportunity to grow their business and maximize profits with an expanded portfolio of products that includes folding gates, high security gates, and vehicle barrier systems. Their wide range of vehicle barrier products delivers a range of functionalities, from access control to high-security vehicle barriers, providing fence installers with the perimeter protection solutions they need to expand their product offering beyond traditional fences, helping them stay competitive with customers who are increasingly seeking more robust, field proven security solutions.


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