Alcatraz AI shows biometric access at Data Center World

Cupertino, Ca

Alcatraz AI has been demonstrating its flagship product the Rock, offering frictionless, secure, and private identity verification, at Data Center World 2023 this week, in Austin, Texas. Alcatraz AI emerged triumphant in the show’s 2022 Data Center Startup Challenge, having been recognised as the preeminent contender with the greatest likelihood of achieving market success.

It is crucial to safeguard data centres against physical security breaches that can result in the loss of valuable data, assets, and interruption of services. Such incidents can lead to significant financial loss and damage to an organisation's reputation and trustworthiness.

Alcatraz AI provides a solution to this problem by helping organisations easily establish a zero trust environment that is flexible and scalable. This is achieved by implementing facial biometric access control that works natively with existing access control systems to deliver multi-factor authentication at the same speed as single-factor or as a more secure single factor solution. Alcatraz AI simplifies the enrollment process, provides privacy compliance, and detects and alerts to tailgating incidents, as well as provides actionable data to enforce compliance. With this secure and frictionless access control, critical assets are protected, the administrative burden is reduced, and employees and sensitive information are shielded from unauthorised access.

Alcatraz AI elevates data centers’ physical security by providing an all-in-one biometric device that uses a person’s face as their credential, quickly and privately authenticating users at the point of access. The Rock’s modern architecture eliminates integration challenges, increases scalability, and combines with the world’s #1 facial biometric algorithm to deliver the highest levels of accuracy and security with any access control system.

Alcatraz AI was also teaming up with Assa Abloy to demonstrate a proof of concept showing the Alcatraz Rock can be paired with an access control reader to provide two-factor authentication (2FA), authenticating the user at the row level. Once authenticated at the row level, the access control system can enable the Assa Abloy KS200 locks to provide single-factor authentication (1FA) at the rack level. The KS200 series of server cabinet locks extend access control to protect data center assets from intrusion and expensive downtime by bringing real-time access control to individual server cabinet doors.


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