JPP to launch bus & coach monitoring system with CMS

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

JPP Mirror Cam system is a high-definition camera with a 12.3” display on both left and right sides. It is intended to replace traditional mirrors on buses, coaches, and trucks. 

The Mirror camera has both WDR and low lux functions designed to generate crystal-clear image quality, whatever the external environment. These features mean that the JPP Mirror Cam are able to offer a tremendous advantage over conventional rear-view mirrors in dust, rain, and night conditions.

The advanced features of the Mirror camera system include the 12.3" split-screen AHD monitor to display the camera images in real time;  support for PAL/NTSC mixed inputs for AHD/ CVBS video signals (adaptive); it provides 2 x AHD 720P IP 69K cameras for mounting on the side of a vehicle; brightness, contrast, saturation, chroma and sharpness can be set independently for each input video signal; support for Parking Stall Delay Video Recording (24-hour parking monitoring function); and it offers an option for edge recording with support for a memory card of maximum 256GB of memory.

The dual-lens camera covers a wider field of vision than mirror classes II, IV and V, as well as superior over conventional mirrors, leading to fewer blind spot problems. It also provides an improved view via the 12.3" electric rear-view mirror(monitor), the system performance allows drivers to manoeuvre comfortably and easily in just about all traffic situations; and, thus increases safety for the driver, passengers and other road users.

The 12.3" Mirror camera supports a CMS (camera monitoring system) and according to JPP has also passed UN ECE R10 EMC testing and is in compliance with the UN ECE R46 regulations. With the JPP mirror camera and monitoring system, drivers of all skill levels can handle any road conditions with confidence.


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